chapter  18
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Impressions of the Foot

ByWilliam J. Bodziak

In a shod society, there is a low frequency of shoeless impressions produced at scenes of crimes. Many are not familiar with nor have been involved in an investigation where a form of barefoot evidence was present. Impressions produced at the scene of a crime by a perpetrator's naked or sock-clad feet are just as relevant and important as those left by footwear. Forensic comparison can exclude individuals as well as include individuals. As multiple combined similarities of multiple foot features of an individual are increasingly present in the crime scene impression(s), it rapidly reduces the number of others in general population as the possible source. References to the individuality of bare feet also exist in a wide variety of nonforensic literature. Two-or three-dimensional barefoot impressions are recovered using same methods, materials, and procedures used for footwear impressions. The feet of individual should be photographed with good resolution, focus, and proper lighting to allow for the recording of fine detail.