chapter  19
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Some Case Examples

ByWilliam J. Bodziak

This chapter provides some photographs and brief information about six cases that involved footwear evidence. The examinations in three were performed for the prosecution and in the other three for the defense. They are A West Coast Homicide, A Wellman Calendered Outsole Case and Linoleum Latent Blood Mark. Requested by the Defense are: A Controlled Population Class Characteristic Case, Bloody Heel Mark and Random Cut or Something Else? As in many cases, the charges of robbery against the defendant were accompanied by much peripheral information about motive, opportunity, and who may have been the perpetrator of the crime. The footwear evidence had been examined by another examiner and a high level association had been made between a heel impression in snow and the heel of a boot of the accused. Although not an identification, the examiner's report made specific reference to a mark found in the center of the crime scene heel impression.