chapter  2
29 Pages

Photographing Footwear Evidence

ByWilliam J. Bodziak

This chapter addresses established best practices and procedures for the photographic documentation and recovery of footwear impression evidence. Professional digital single lens reflex cameras with digital backs combined with less cumbersome wireless flash units provide an efficient way to photographically document and recover footwear impression evidence. Regardless of the specific DSLR camera used, crime scene and examination quality photography should always be taken using the largest resolution possible. Cameras in the late 1800s and early 1900s were heavy and cumbersome. The weight and size of those cameras combined with the slow speed of film emulsions mandated long exposure times and the use of a tripod. Camera technology continues to change rapidly. Digital cameras were spoken of in two categories: fixed lens "point and shoot" cameras and professional digital single lens reflex cameras. Because the forensic photography of evidence is critical to capturing the greatest amount of detail, most recommend the use of a raw image format