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Track IV: Image processing

Food quality evaluation using machine vision is becoming important research field due to its many advantages such as low cost, faster processing, noninvasive nature, etc. etc. (Dixit et al.,2009). In a very general way the major components of a machine vision based food quality evaluation system are image acquisition, image processing, image feature extractions and identification or classification. The presented method also comprises all of the men-


Turmeric (curcuma longa L) is popularly used in various applications due to its medicinal values (Du et al., 2006). It can be used both internally and externally. In ayurvedic as well as Chinese medicinal application, it is widely used to treat inflammatory conditions. It is used as tonic and blood purifier when it is consumed internally and used in prevention and treatment of skin disease even for wound healing when it is applied externally. Apart from medicinal usages, it is very popular rather essential in its grounded form in Indian household and sub-continental cuisine. Turmeric powder extracted from dry turmeric rhizomes is extensively and widely used as food colorant and in food industry it is one of the most vital ingredients in curry powder, mustard paste etc. In household turmeric powder is extensively used as spice which imparts color, aroma and taste to different food preparations and sometimes is used for masking undesirable ordours of food.