chapter  10
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Imaging System Components

This chapter continues the progression from fundamentals of radiation interactions with matter and radiation transport to the elements of fielded systems. Further, this chapter finishes the description of the elements of fielded systems in the discussion of motion control, motion hardware, and computers for control and acquisition. In many ways, the material in this chapter is an application of the fundamentals presented earlier. First, the principles for radiation interaction apply to each component of imaging systems in the source-detector envelope. Second, the detector does not always discriminate between different sources of irradiance (through the object or scatter from the detector itself); rather it is the design of the entire system (including collimation) that substantiates the connection between the counts you measure and the object you are inspecting. Third-for tomosynthesis/laminography and CT-the measurements of the geometry of the system and the accuracy of the motion control effectively limit the accuracy for the inspection data.