chapter  2
Useful health-related acronyms
ByTony White, Sir Ian Carruthers
Pages 77

The following list excludes virtually all the clinical acronyms. Fortunately, you don’t need to know these acronyms but I felt a reference source might be useful. There has been a burgeoning of acronyms in recent years. I have removed some of the more obvious, such as degrees, diplomas and other medical qualifications and many very common clinical ones. Some have lapsed, although they are still to be found referred to in literature and thus have been included. Interestingly, some have appeared and disappeared in the interval between this and the previous edition! For interest’s sake only, included are a handful of mildly amusing ones to be found, although you will need to look carefully for them. I hope that none cause offence, but the author is only reporting those in current use or as reported in current literature.