chapter  16
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Facilitating learning in groups

WithPaul Thomas

This chapter summarises the following techniques, Switching between chairing and facilitating a meeting – a chair holds the reins of control to get business done – contributions go back and forth to the chair. A facilitator enables learning by maximising interactions between participants – contributions consequently go around the room, often bypassing the leader. Skilled chairs and facilitators move repeatedly between both modes to keep participants engaged and creative. The techniques include Checklist for a meeting – a list of easy-to-forget things, centering the learning space – the story, energisers, ground rules and evaluation. It also includes Small-group–large-group iterations – connecting the intimacy of small-group reflections with whole-group consensus. Small-group–large-group iterations create ownership and energy. In small groups participants generate a breadth of ideas. To avoid boredom feedback should include only a few ideas sufficient to move towards whole-group consensus.