chapter  42
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Chronic paediatric illness 1

ByQuentin Spender, Judith Barnsley, Alison Davies, Jenny Murphy

Local involvement may be centred in the community paediatric nursing service, but others with a more specific remit in mental health may contribute. As with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in general, there is tremendous geographical variation in how services for the emotional health and wellbeing of children with chronic illness are provided. Some paediatric departments are lucky enough to have the support of a paediatric liaison service—which should consist of one or more child mental health professionals with specific responsibility for paediatric patients—but these are only patchily available. Resilient children and families are likely to return, after a limited period, to normal functioning and their usual routine—providing recovery is complete. In contrast, the consequences of a continuing chronic illness permeate every aspect of the child’s life, and are likely to affect every member of the family to some extent.