chapter  48
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Referral to specialist CAMHS and other agencies

ByQuentin Spender, Judith Barnsley, Alison Davies, Jenny Murphy

Local service information leaflets or information sheets can be a helpful addition to the verbal explanation. If there is no locally produced version, then there are nationally produced leaflets on specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service services. Ideally, the general practitioner, as the hub of the network of health professionals around any patient, should be kept informed, as should other professionals involved with the presenting problems, such as a social worker or educational psychologist. Family members may want the referral to be kept confidential from one or more other professionals—this wish should be taken into consideration but not necessarily dictate the professional’s actions. For instance, it would be inappropriate not to inform an allocated social worker of the referral of a family in which the children are on the Child Protection Register. The more preparation and care is taken in not only writing the referral, but preparing the child and carers, the more likely it is to achieve something.