chapter  34
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Developmental disorders, Part 4: Motor development 1

ByQuentin Spender, Judith Barnsley, Alison Davies, Jenny Murphy

The assessment of the motor component of the child’s difficulties depends on the age. For a child under five, referral to the local Child Development Centre is probably the best option: he is then likely to be seen at least by a community paediatrician and a paediatric occupational therapist. Management depends on the nature and severity of the child’s difficulties, so it is important to ensure that the full extent and nature of the child’s impairments have been adequately explored before launching into explanations of what is wrong or suggestions as to how to help the child. Many parents, children and professionals find the label of dyspraxia or the hotchpotch idea of Disorders of Attention, Motor Control and Perception useful, despite finding the initial associations of the word discomfiting. Support in school may help the child reach his potential, in addition to implementation of any recommendations from the occupational therapist.