Chapter 2
ByRichard Bryant-Jefferies
Pages 18

Ginny had thought about her first session with Carol, and in particular the issue about passing on information. She wanted to talk it through. She felt within herself that in her counselling role, particularly when healthcare issues came up about which she had some knowledge, that as a healthcare professional she had an ethical responsibility to convey what she knew. And she felt this quite strongly in relation to physical health issues that were quite clearly linked to a particular behaviour from a client, and where the client was unaware that what they were doing might be causing a particular problem, or were denying that knowledge to their awareness. And she also knew that another part of her questioned this view, wanting to respect the client’s choices and to maintain her focus on offering and conveying empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard for her client. In relation to psychological and emotional issues, she had no problem with that. It was where there was a physical health component where she knew she was not sure.