Chapter 6
ByRichard Bryant-Jefferies
Pages 18

Carol continued to attend the next four sessions, and continued to work at making sense of herself and her motivations to binge. She felt increasingly able to accept that her past experiences of relationship in her family and later with Tommy had made a significant impact upon her. Feelings were becoming clearer for her, and she could own them in a way that felt new to her. Her sense of being alone as a teenager, of not really being heard, of having to conform she could see had left her prepared to accept Tommy and his behaviour towards her for longer than she should have done. She had also begun to realise that the feelings she had still felt for him, even at the start of her therapy, were unreasonable and unrealistic, that they were simply the reactions of a person desperate for attention, for someone to be with her, who she could however fleetingly feel cared for by, however badly treated she had been for so much of the time.