chapter  14
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Common behavioural and management problems

ByDavid Hall, Jonathan Williams, David Elliman

The common emotional and behavioural problems of early childhood are not always caused by parents. Most parents are competent and fall within the general range of common sense parenting; they may fret about whether they are doing the right thing for their child, but the odds are that they are. It is the parents who fall outside the normal range who are likely to contribute to children's emotional and behavioural problems. Emotional and behavioural problems are extremely common. Involvement in child health surveillance means that the practitioner comes face-to-face with a host of questions and problems concerning a small child's behavioural and emotional responses. The child is upset, will copy adult behaviour and is unsupported and uncontained by inconsistent, irritable parents. Parasomnias are repetitive unusual behaviours or strange experiences that occur in relation to sleep. Aggression that persists and worsens beyond the first few years of life is a remarkably stable characteristic of behaviour.