chapter  5
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Targeting services to specific needs

ByDavid Hall, Jonathan Williams, David Elliman

This chapter describes the needs of children in a variety of circumstances that affect the work of community health professionals. Irrespective of the particular problems that a family may face, there are some general principles that health professionals should try to apply. Continuity of professional care and regular use of the Personal Child Health Record are particularly important for families in difficult circumstances. Parents may worry about the health and development of babies conceived by assisted reproduction or conception. All parents want their children to be physically healthy and to become independent and self-supporting. Parents who move from societies in which the main concerns are physical health, nutrition and survival, sometimes find it hard to adapt to the very different pre-occupations and values of a rich Western country. A specialist health visitor can fulfil this role, but needs to be aware that the job will involve advocacy with other agencies as well as a wide range of healthcare issues.