chapter  2
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The Consultation Expertise Model

ByPeter Worrall, Adrian French, Les Ashton

The Consultation Expertise Model is presented on the understanding that, although consultation skills are not evaluated directly in the Model, they provide the means by which domain performance and expertise can be tracked. Consulting skills should be considered to underpin and be integrated into the behaviours identified in the Model. Though consulting skills may not develop systematically, they can and will change and become more effective over time for most family doctors. Communication is dependent upon the use of wide and extended interpersonal skills and skilled behaviours. Increased communication skills give the expert doctor a greater understanding of how patients' problems affect their lives. The skill domain most directly relating to the theory of expertise is that of pattern recognition, which is fundamental to the development of intuitive judgement. Improved expressive communication skills allow the doctor to adapt his/her way of working so as to be understandable and acceptable to patients whatever their standpoint.