chapter  4
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Uses of the Model

ByPeter Worrall, Adrian French, Les Ashton

The facility to fingerprint consultations extends use of the Model beyond the original purpose of providing doctors in training with a picture of how their consulting expertise might develop. Practising doctors can pick up a Fingerprint Pack and have a go at fingerprinting a consultation and so become familiar with the Model simply by using it. Many users may prefer to achieve some prior understanding by means of an introduction from someone already familiar with the Model. When the Model was first made public, it was suggested that trainers might find it useful to first select one domain in which it would be timely to extend the quality of a trainee's consulting. The Model can provide an opportunity for a relatively safe group discussion with real depth. Both Consultation Observation Tool and the fingerprinting process derived from the Consultation Expertise Model can be used with videotaped consultations.