chapter  14
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The healing power of the hands has been known and used for centuries. Massage is

one of a number of hands-on healing techniques used in modern day medical care.

It is gradually becoming recognised for its therapeutic value and is now more widely

used, to extend the hand of human compassion in a healing context. Touching is a

very physical activity, we do it instinctively and it has hidden therapeutic affect of

which we are not always aware. It is a form of natural communication of feelings

with a partner, children, family and friends. Massage is an extension of this innate

human ability that can also be interpreted as having a huge emotional significance.

If we have a pain or ache, we automatically rub or massage the area to soothe and

relieve the pain. For example, in headaches we use our hands to massage the neck

and temples instinctively; it is almost a reflex action. The same with a child, a parent

or carer will instinctively rub and stroke the painful area, the pain will often subside

leaving the child feeling better than before, because of the added injection of love

and attention.