chapter  8
WithKaren Stainsby, Mari Roberts
Pages 12

Groups or teams, whether they be a football squad, fire crew, orthopaedic department, prayer group or hate mob, provide a sense of identity, belonging, camaraderie, collaboration, encouragement, respect, challenge, support and a place where we can share information about ourselves. Performing – the group is communicating well and getting on with the task in a spirit of collaboration and support. The departure of a long-established or popular member from a group can raise very powerful feelings within individuals and the group as a whole. Groupthink can cause any group to make bad or impulsive decisions, based on little information or selecting only that which confirms the group’s view. Informal get-togethers and chats over a coffee can be very effective, but when issues are more complex, time is tight and decisions are required, a more formalised type of ‘coming together’ may be necessary. The agenda should give information regarding any preparation that needs to be done for the meeting.