chapter  9
Speaking your mind and striking bargains
ByKaren Stainsby, Mari Roberts
Pages 10

Feedback is well-considered, specific, accurate information, which is always designed to help the recipient. Negotiation means ‘to communicate with others in order to achieve an agreement’; in other words to ‘bargain’, ‘haggle’ or ‘strike a deal’. On television and in the press, we hear a lot about the big negotiation scenarios – efforts to broker a deal between two warring countries, prevent industrial action or negotiate the release of a hostage. The main point to remember about negotiation is that all sides want to resolve the situation. Negotiation is a ‘game’ that is played well when both know the rules and are prepared to play by them. Around the negotiating table, good negotiators can be ruthless and fierce but away from it they may be the best of friends. Remember that cultures respond to and approach the negotiating process in different ways. Keep an eye out for cultural stereotypes. Use active listening skills to explore the other person’s position.