chapter  4
Communicating when there is a difference
WithKaren Stainsby, Mari Roberts
Pages 7

In general, nations that may be more new or recently formed and those that have an ethnically diverse population are more likely to take risks and to tolerate the idea of an uncertain outcome. Amidst this diversity, what people share is their almost universal discomfort with difference. Communication goes wrong when difference is not respected. Sometimes, there is a fear of saying or doing the wrong thing when communicating with someone who is culturally different from people. This chapter focuses on communicating well with people whose ability to communicate has been affected by a health condition. The ability to communicate is influenced by the ability to speak, make known the thoughts, hear the words, see the mouth form the words and to interpret body language. While the person maintains the ability to speak in their native language, they do so with an accent normally associated with another language.