chapter  6
So much to do, so little time
WithKaren Stainsby, Mari Roberts
Pages 14

Time management is a misnomer. How can we manage or be in charge of time – time just exists. The most that we can hope to do is manage ourselves, our attitudes and our behaviours surrounding time. Perhaps a better name for ‘time management’ would be ‘time aware’. Sometimes it is more relevant and useful to set goals focused on performance rather than outcome. Email technology is another way that someone can interrupt us. Spam email may get through even the strongest filters. Only when our needs are met to a good enough degree can we experience a sense of motivation. But first, we have to recognise and accept those needs, so having a good understanding of ourselves is vital to motivation. The word ‘procrastination’ summons up so many thoughts, emotions and names: ‘time waster’, ‘lazy’, ‘overcautious’. Overcoming heavily entrenched procrastination is not easy. Procrastination is when we put off doing something, e.g. a task or making a decision, until another time.