chapter  7
Handling problems, choices and dilemmas
ByKaren Stainsby, Mari Roberts
Pages 10

The problem with problems is the commonly held expectation that we should be able to get through life with as few as possible. Problem solving is a useful life skill, one with which we are not born. We have to learn how to confront and to handle difficulties without allowing them to overwhelm us. Perhaps the oldest and most simple of problem-solving techniques is trial and error. Some children are allowed to make choices but are bailed out when things go wrong. At work, decisions and dilemmas may be fuelled by limited resources and conflicting needs. It is covered in many different coloured and shaped jewels and locked with a small gold key. Reaching the end of the corridor, see two identical doors. Sometimes we are not the official ‘decision maker’, but that does not mean that we can’t influence their decision.