chapter  11
A synthesis of dream interpretation techniques
ByFrederick L. Coolidge, Ernest Hartmann
Pages 17

This chapter summarizes some of the dream techniques that found most useful in interpreting dreams. It gives a numerous examples of the author’s dream interpretation experiences from the classroom, dream workshops, and from therapy sessions. A man in his early thirties shared this dream in one of the authors dream workshops. In his dream, he was on Gilligan's Island with the regular cast. He said Santa Claus' sleigh with Santa's toy bag inside would suddenly land in the midst of the group. People have a tendency to avoid and alienate the holes in their personalities despite their compensating need for wholeness. Watch for these holes in dreams. Everything in the dream is a projected aspect of the dreamer. However, unfinished psychological issues can be raised by having a person create a script with anything. This technique can also be used with people who say they do not dream.