chapter  7
An introduction to Fritz Perls’ dream interpretation techniques
ByFrederick L. Coolidge, Ernest Hartmann
Pages 10

Fritz Perls was one of the founders of Gestalt Therapy, and he was a lively and controversial figure of this popular psychotherapy. Because Perls, like Freud, believed that psychic events were overdetermined, that is, they have many causes, there was no possible way that someone could come up with the answer to why they had done something. Perls always emphasized how rather than why. He thought answers to why would simply perpetuate our anxiety created by the gap between now and then. The unfinished psychological issues that are most important to us would move towards the top of the hierarchy and uncompleted psychological issues that were not as important would remain in the hierarchy, but at lower levels. The issues at the top of the hierarchy would be expected to make their way into our dreams repeatedly, perhaps by their recurrence in dreams.