chapter  13
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The Reigns of Kings

WithDavid S. Salsburg

Data that have been faked usually lack the variability of real data. When the reputed lengths of reigns of the ancient kings of Rome are compared to the lengths of reigns of kings of England, the reigns of English kings are much more variable. The reigns of the kings of ancient Judah, as described in the Book of Kings II, meet various test of variability. The first thing that is obvious is that the reigns of English kings show much more variability than the reigns of the Roman kings. The lack of variability is often a hallmark of faked data. There is a statistical test for comparative variability. Variability is measured by the variance of a set of data. In spite of being raised in different homes, the grades on standardized tests of any two twins were consistently closer than might be expected from children raised in different environments.