chapter  17
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Errors, Blunders, or Curbstoning?

WithDavid S. Salsburg

The human population of a country tends to stop growing exponentially when the nation becomes wealthy enough to spread the benefits of modern medicine on longevity. Families have many children when it is expected that only a few will survive to adulthood and be able to help aging parents. In spite of the general effect of wealth on population, human population has continued to surge in Africa. Because of this, estimates are that the world population will level off at 10 billion. The US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have developed several ways to detect curbstoning. They reinterview a random subset of the subjects supposedly interviewed. If they suspect a field representative, the random subset will be enriched with a selection of forms from the suspect representative. The Pew Research Center responded to the Kuriakose and Robbins paper by looking into their data banks of studies where they were fairly sure curbstoning did not occur.