Basic Science Viva
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Miscellaneous • In females, the fallopian tube acts as a conduit between the vagina and

the peritoneal cavity

Look at the third CT image in Figure 1.7. Comment on the liver texture.

Diffuse fatty liver. The liver is of low density in keeping with fatty infiltration. (Tip: Use the spleen for comparison. The liver density should be equal to or higher than the spleen.)

• Abscesses • Hepatic adenoma • Focal nodular hyperplasia

Malignant lesions • Hepatocellular carcinoma • Cholangiocarcinoma • Angiosarcoma

Miscellaneous • Fatty liver • Cirrhosis

Tell me about the liver. The liver is the second largest organ (second to skin). Weight is 1500 g, which accounts for 2.5% of body weight. • Hepatocytes are polyhedral epithelial cells arranged in sheets separated

from each other by spaces filled with hepatic sinusoids • Hepatic sinusoids are vessels that arise at the portal triad and run

between sheets of hepatocytes receiving blood from the portal triad to deliver to central vein

What is the significance of various types of divisions of the liver?