chapter  17
Sexual aspects of psychiatry
ByBen Green
Pages 10

Human sexuality is a vital and integral part of behaviour and personality. Sexual dysfunction is a source of great distress to individuals and couples. Sexual dysfunction may lead to a failure to form relationships or the break-up of existing relationships and families. Homosexuality was once, but is no longer, classed as a psychiatric disorder. Less socially acceptable objects of desire include children and animals. Apart from biological intersex conditions, gender is generally appropriately assigned by society according to the normal male's genitalia. The social gender given to the newborn male is usually followed by a core male gender. There is a fundamental difference with male homosexuals who both look male and feel that they are males. Talking about the problem in a straightforward way will help defuse some of the anxiety. People are often greatly troubled by sexual problems, but wonder whether their doctor can help, or will even be prepared to listen.