chapter  7
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Site and facilities appraisal

WithPauline Mistry

This chapter describes some of the major estates' issues which must be considered when making the decision to change, move, or resite services. Many acute care trusts in the UK provide services from more than one site. In the process of the rationalization of services between sites there is often one site which is the obvious choice for making the primary site. The functional content and space utilization analysis usually comprises two components, a walk through the facilities and meetings with all the departments concerned. The condition appraisal should include both building and engineering conditions. Central to developing the options for rationalization is the condition of the existing buildings and the associated costs of any backlog maintenance. The rationalization of services and the incumbent changes to buildings or sites provides an opportunity to restructure facilities to better meet the needs of patient care. Acute care hospitals have experienced many changes in design and trends since their original inception.