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Exercise 11. Pose Alternatives

Every picture tells a story. It is important to remember that no animation will work successfully unless you know how to present it in a way that best tells the story. We know that most movies tell a story, as that is the essence of narrative filmmaking. However, animated storytelling must go much farther than this. Scenes within a film need to tell their own individual stories too. Actions within each scene also have to tell their own story. Even poses within an action must tell their own story if that action is to be convincing. Consequently, if you are not able to sketch gesture drawings that tell stories, then you will really struggle to animate well. As they say, the pose is everything. So this time, pick any of the action drawings you have drawn on the previous pages and use your imagination to conceive 4 new ways of expressing it. Sketch your 4 new ideas onto the next blank page. (Take no more than 3 minutes to do this.)