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Exercise 21. Form

When animating in a traditional hand-drawn animation style-or even blocking out poses for any other style of animation-one of the most difficult things to do is to keep the form consistent. Maintaining shape, proportions, and volume with any multiple drawings of the same character is difficult for anyone. Try the following yourself and see how good you are at it. (Taking no more than 3 minutes to execute each of the following drawings.)

1. Take a toy or a doll and draw it from one angle in the top left-hand quarter of the next blank page. 2. Next, turn the toy 90% and draw it again in the top-right quadrant. 3. Again, turn it another 90% and draw it this time in the bottom-left quadrant. 4. Finally, turn it 90% once more and draw it in the bottom-right quadrant. Now measure the various proportions and vol-

umes from drawing to drawing as best you can. If there is little variation, you’re a “master of form.” However, it is most likely that you won’t be that, so the following exercises will help.