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Exercise 24. Rotating Observational Point

Training your eye to appreciate form from every angle is really important to the modern animator, who more often than not deals with 3 dimensions, rather than 2. To help you do this, find a partner who is willing to pose for you. Sketch them first from a profile view. Then, circle around him in approximate 20-degree increments, sketching him from each new angle. Keep this process going until you have sketched him from an entire 360-degree viewpoint, making sure that at each time you are maintaining the proportions and volume of his head and body consistently throughout. (Take no more than 5 minutes to complete each drawing.)

(Note: If you want to really test the consistency of your form from drawing to drawing, film each sketch for 24 frames on a suitable video camera and then play back the video. Your drawings will appear to rotate, indicating quite clearly how well you have kept the consistency of form from beginning to end.)