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Exercise 27. Sequential Action

Animation is all about sequential action, and good sequential action is all about flow, placement, and timing. It therefore helps to study sequential action in real life to make the whole process clearer in your mind before attempting animation. This kind of visual research is so important to an animator, as no two people ever move in exactly the same way, even if they are doing precisely the same action. A walking action is a good example of this. Generically, everyone walks the same way-one leg in front of the other, with arms opposing. However, if you really look hard at the way people walk, you’ll see slight variations in their movements. This can be a result of such factors as bodily limitations, mood, intention, and environmental or even weather-induced forces acting upon them. So, observe people walking in the street and sketch 4 different gesture drawings that epitomize the way they are walking. Exaggerate where necessary to make a point. (Take no more than 3 minutes to create each drawing.)