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Exercise 32. Breakdown Positions

Return to your previous sequential drawings of a person throwing an object. Using these drawings, visualize and sketch on the next blank page how an inbetween drawing might look midway between each of your key positions. (Note: Quite often an inbetween position is not entirely that, as parts of the body move farther or faster than others-known in animation terms as the ‘successive breaking of joints’. Study your original reference footage to see what is happening in the midpoints of the particular pose sequence you have drawn.) If possible, trace every drawing separately in the middle of its own sheet of paper. Then videotape each drawing sequentially, holding them for 4 frames each. When playing the video back, you’ll get an instant appreciation of how the overall action is working and what that many drawings means when played back in real time on a video screen. (Take no more than 1 minute to complete each drawing.)