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Exercise 45. Perspective

Perspective can often be incredibly important to animated action, in addition to shot construction. The farther away an object is, the smaller it will appear in the scene. The farther away a movement is in a scene, the slower it will appear to move. This is something that can be definitely exploited when animating. Perspective in backgrounds or environments also can be significantly dramatized-specifically to draw attention to where you want the audience’s eye to focus. Animating in perspective can be very dramatic in other ways too. Therefore, on the understanding that the nearer an object or part of a person gets to the viewer, the larger it will appear, and vice versa, you can distort extremities accordingly. Animating backgrounds in perspective can provide some quite dramatic effects. So, go out and sketch on the next blank page examples of perspective and perspective manipulation that particularly appeal to you. Write notes beside your sketches to clarify why. (Take no more than 5 minutes to create each sketch.)