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Exercise 46. One-Point Perspective

Perspective drawings can be drawn using three different viewpoint techniques: one-point perspective, two-point perspective, or three-point perspective. Here, we will start with one-point perspective. On the next blank page, draw a square that is positioned slightly to the left of frame center. Behind it, add a horizontal horizon line. Now, to add depth to the square and turn it into a cube in perspective, draw an angled line from the top of the right corner of the cube to somewhere along the horizon to the right. (Note: The point where this line dissects the horizon is called the vanishing point.) Draw a similar angled line from the bottom of the same side to the vanishing point on the horizon. Next, draw a vertical line somewhere away from the right side of the square that dissects both angled horizon lines to create a side to the square. Shade in the side to emphasize the cube’s depth. You’ve now created a three-dimensional shape, in perspective, using one-point perspective. (Take no more than 1 minute to complete this drawing.)