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Exercise 50. Drawing Objects in Perspective

Finally, walking into the distance with perspective. On the next blank page, sketch out a scene in perspective where the farthest (smallest) part of the street is to the right of the frame and the nearest (largest) part to the left. Add a walking figure in full stride pose to the left (A) and a second drawing of the same character in a similar pose, but much smaller, to the right (B). Lightly draw in perspective lines between them both, i.e., from head to head and from feet to feet. Now, to calculate an accurately scaled halfway stride postion, in perspective, you need to lightly draw a line from the top of the head of one character to the bottom of the feet on the other. Then do a similar thing with a line from the feet of the first character to the head of the second. Where they intersect, that is the natural perspective center for a middle pose between the first two (C). This process can be repeated between any two character positions in perspective until all the required perspective keys are achieved. (Take no more than 3 minutes to complete each figure drawing, although the street perspective drawing in the background will take longer of course.)

(Note: This technique can be applied to drawn background elements too, such as telegraph poles alongside a railway track or lampposts in a street, ensuring there is a natural perspective feel throughout.)