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Exercise 60. Storyboarding

Storyboarding is something that most animators will need to do at some stage in their career, especially those who are making animated films. It’s possible that you may not be required to create a formal storyboard for a film ultimately, but you will certainly be well advised to do a quick thumbnail storyboard of any animation sequence you’re about to create. Understanding of basic language of film is valuable here, as without having that kind of vocabularly, it’s going to be hard for you to find your voice. We’ll deal with that in a minute, however. First, to give you some kind of comparison, you need to create a quick storyboard before you learn the rules of filmmaking. Using about 6 frames on the next blank page, visualize and sketch out the story of a cowboy riding across a desert and suddenly being spooked by a rattlesnake that’s glaring at him. Once you’ve done that, we’ll walk you through a generic, classically-structured, more formulaic way of doing the same thing. (Take no more than 5 minutes to rough out your storyboard frames.)