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Exercise 61. Extreme Wide Establishing Shot

There are a number of generic shots in filmmaking that an animated filmmaker can take advantage of when seeking to tell a strong filmic story. For our cowboy scenario, we’ll go over the most basic of these here, beginning with the extremely wide establishing shot. So, on the next blank page draw the first frame, which is a view of a wide and most expansive part of a hot, barren desert. It might show distant hills or mountains, or it might be just a flat horizon. There could even be a few cacti littering the scene way into the distance. But whatever you draw, try to get over the feeling of a huge landscape that dwarfs any human content. Use reference to guide you. (Take no more than 3 minutes to complete this drawing.)

(Note: For a wider understanding of film language, refer to the section in the Appendix at the end of this book. This will prove valuable to you as you move forward in creating more sophisticated storyboards as time goes by.)