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Try the Arnie Approach for Yourself

You may find that using Arnie for the assignments in this book frees you up from other pressures. For example, by working with someone else’s character that has been fully lab tested over the years, you will be able to better study the material without having to worry about creating a character design of your own that stands up to all the visual challenges you will face. Arnie really is fast and basic to draw, and as pose and gesture are the objectives within this book’s process, perhaps his minimalist approach is the easiest one to take for your sketching-short of a basic stick figure, that is. To find out how he works for you, sketch all three views on the graph guide on the next page. When you have your three Arnie poses complete, you might try to add the three-quarter front and three-quarter back views too. At the end of all that, you will certainly know if Arnie is the character of drawing choice for you.