chapter  6
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. Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS)

Predetermined motion time systems (PMTSs) are methods of setting basic times for performing the aforementioned human activities that are necessary for carrying out a job or task . PMTSs are in essence work measurement systems that perform three main functions:

1 . Analyze work

2 . Break down the work into basic human movements . These are classified according to the nature of each movement and the conditions under which it is performed

3 . Compute the time necessary to perform an operation . This is accomplished by adding the times required to perform individual activities

Thus, PMTS can be described as a motion-based system of measuring work . Each motion is assigned a specific code and a time value . This value is “ predetermined .” Adding the time values assigned to each constituent motion yields the total amount of time required to complete any given task . It will be appreciated that PMTS affords the engineer an objective standard for measuring work and, in turn, productivity .