chapter  1
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. Introduction: Significance of Work Measurement

To accomplish any task or activity, often referred to as “work” or “jobs,” effort is required . This effort is typically measured in terms of time it takes to complete the activity or the work contained within it (sometimes this effort may be measured in terms of time a person can sustain an activity-endurance time) . There are two components to the work that is contained in any activity:

1 . The basic work content of the activity

2 . Additional, or excess, work content

The basic work content is defined as the minimum effort as measured by the time it takes to complete an activity . This amount of time is the theoretical minimum time required to produce the object of interest or complete the process and cannot be reduced . Conditions must be perfect so that the required effort is the “minimum” possible . In reality, such an occurrence would be unlikely if not impossible . Even if it was possible to eliminate all excess work content, it may not always be desirable to do so for various reasons, including the ability to respond to unexpected breakdowns or prescribed maintenance .