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Hospital Services

ByEmma Hawe

In the United Kingdom (UK) in 2005/06 the gross cost of National Health Service (NHS) hospital services was £44.9 billion, 54% higher in real terms than just ten years earlier. Since the NHS was first established, NHS hospital expenditure has grown in most years, even after allowing for general inflation. UK per capita expenditure on NHS hospital services rose to £744 in 2005/06, however, this was not consistent across the UK. In 2005/06, per capita spending on NHS hospital services was much higher in Scotland, standing at £882 than in any other part of the UK. The number of medical and dental staff working in NHS hospitals, measured by full-time equivalents (FTE), has increased in every year but one since 1951. In England 36% of all NHS hospital medical and dental staff were Consultants in 2006. The NHS in England had 86 thousand FTE hospital and community medical staff in 2006, 59% more than a decade earlier.