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Family Health Services (FHS)

ByEmma Hawe

UK Family Health Services (FHS) include the General Pharmaceutical (GPS), General Medical (GMS), General Dental (GDS) and General Ophthalmic (GOS) services. The FHS are provided in the community by family practitioners: general medial practitioners (GPs), dentists, pharmacists and opticians. In England, under the Personal Medical Services (PMS) and Personal Dental Services (PDS) schemes, a number of GPs and dentists have become salaried in recent years. There are various types of general medical practitioners (GPs) working in general practice. The classification of GPs is based on their qualifications and the type of contract that practitioners have with the NHS. Under the new GMS contact from 1 April 2004, GPs working in general practice are categorised as registrars, retainers and medical practitioners. The number of GP consultations remains greater for women than for men.