chapter  One
Taking pharmacy practice into the 21st century
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Initiatives such as the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's 'Pharmacy in a New Age' programme encouraged the profession to take a long, hard look at itself and the many issues that impinge on medicine use and pharmacist behaviour. The development of information technology has greatly facilitated the evidence-based healthcare movement. More demanding patients' expectations will inevitably lead to a rise in professional expectations. Population ageing is another key factor increasing the demand for healthcare. The enthusiast 'evaluates' a new intervention and quickly becomes the local expert on its use. The intervention is then incorporated into clinical practice, often quite quickly and without the necessary evaluation. Clinical pharmacists in the course of their rounds are increasingly asked to provide more information on the potentially harmful effects of medication. An anaesthetist is often keen to gain experience of the latest inhalation anaesthetic, while the oncologist wants to try out the latest chemotherapy.