chapter  Seven
Getting the evidence into practice
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The Getting Research into Practice and Purchasing concept has much to offer those wishing to practise evidence-based pharmacy medicine management, covering important issues such as evaluating evidence for effectiveness of treatments and eliminating those treatments that are either of no value or, harmful. The development of health action zones in the UK has focused attention on improving public health and in particular has put the spotlight on the health risks of smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy is based on the idea that replacing nicotine in the body allows smoking behaviour to be stopped. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-related gastrointestinal (GI) problems are serious, as minor GI discomfort can lead to ulceration and in some cases the ulcers bleed. Cost-effectiveness of prevention with cholesterol-lowering drugs is extremely variable, depending on age at start of treatment and risk profile. Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation is a pain relief offered by physiotherapists and others for chronic pain, and by midwives for the pain associated with labour.