chapter  23
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The best place to get detailed information about the readership of a journal that carries advertisements is the advertising department because they use this information to persuade companies to advertise in their journal. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) defines redundant publication as anything that overlaps substantially with another publication. If the paper is rejected by the target journal, one should check the instructions of their second target journal and reformat the typescript so that it complies. In the old days receiving reprint (or offprint) requests from far-flung spots was a pleasant by-product of publication and a good way of enhancing writer's stamp collection. Unconditional acceptances are incredibly rare, so writer will nearly always have to respond to reviewers' comments. Less well-staffed journals (i.e. those edited by academics rather than full-time editors) tend to send all submissions for external review and, subsequently, rejection and acceptance take about the same length of time.