chapter  7
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Selecting a target journal is not always easy because the key players may have different aims and expectations. Since many journals have high rejection rates, and since it can take time to get agreement about the target journal, it is always a good idea to have a back-up plan and to select a second journal in case writer's paper is rejected by the first. The splendidly titled 'Beall's list: potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals' is produced by University of Colorado Denver librarian Jeffrey Beall, who has launched a bold, one-man campaign against predatory publishers. Scientists and clinicians are expected to have opinions about what their findings mean but they are also expected to present results fairly and responsibly. Anybody who writes more than a couple of articles should consider investing in bibliographic software. Several studies have attempted to test whether it matters if reviewers know the identity of the authors. Overall, the results are inconclusive.