chapter  2
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Self-awareness and attitude

WithG. Hussein Rassool

This chapter explores your use of alcohol and drugs and ‘dependence’ on things and activities. For example, people may be dependent on coffee, tea, chocolate, on alcohol at the end of the working day, first cigarette on waking up, jogging, horse racing, internet and soap opera. In fact, any substances, things or activities that would cause a void in your daily life if they have been taken away from you. In addition, the chapter also examines and stigmatisation towards individuals who use alcohol or drugs. Attitudes can be can be broadly categorised as professional or personal views. Professional attitudes refer to beliefs concerning professional practice such as role legitimacy, confidence and perceived efficacy of available treatments and interventions. Personal attitudes refer to feelings and beliefs that stem from the stigmatised nature of drug use, for example, blame and anger. There are a number of activities, in this chapter, relating to your own notion of a ‘harmful’ drug attitude towards alcohol and drug misusers and confidence skills in working with alcohol and drug misusers.