ByRosemary A. Reynolds
Pages 11

This chapter explores the experiences of young Chinese students studying two-year, A-level programmes in two colleges of further education (FE). It also explores students' backgrounds and college journeys during focus group discussions and in-depth interviews, it became clear that their learning journeys were effected by various interrelating themes: choice-making, technology and diversity. Choices were enhanced by technology and affected by diversity; technology drove transnational imaginations and highlighted diversity; diversity in turn created more choices for students. The Chinese students, learning in a second language, found difficulty in interpreting questions, reading, understanding subject-specific words and expressing answers in written English. Second language was certainly the major obstacle to learning, and it affected students' efforts to adapt to the UK learning system. New research is therefore essential in view of the changes to explore, firstly, if Chinese students continue to enter UK colleges in high numbers.